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Experience the Brilliance of Rosie Bonds

Talented, Creative, Confident, Spiritual, Riveting, Empowering, Optimistic, Inspiring

Thank you so much for stopping by to experience me. My name is Rosie Bonds, after my late grandma Rosa Bonds. My original stage name was Roz, but when my beautiful grandmother passed in 2008, i instantly wanted to tribute my entire career to her namesake. Her name is more spicey anyway; Bonds, Rosie Bonds! I was born and raised in grandma's house in Philadelphia Pa, where the Rocky statue stands and where The Fresh prince of Bel-Air began! My passion is music, my whole life is music, i've sacrificed everything to follow my dreams and i will do it until the end of time. I am a singer, published writer and author with a marketing background. I'm an all around visionary and i can't wait for you to experience me!!!! You'll love my music i promise!!! My lyrics are really stories; Philly Style, punch lines, descriptions and emotion. On the other hand; my voice is really warm and full, so It'll wrap around you like a heated fur blanket in this igloo of a cold world! Vicariously through my music, i will feel familiar to you! Take this journey with me!!!!


My Path and My Work

I don't mind Mondays because i love my job

I've heard a quote from Oprah which she heard from Maya Angelou. The quote read "I come as 1 but i stand as 10,000" speaking  of our ancestors whom are all around us at all times, supporting us and all of our dreams and goals. I affirm and believe that heavily; so when people may not understand my power and where it cocmes from or why i'm so magical,  mysterious, and receive so many lyrics, songs and all around art from the spirit world; I'm always giving tribute and being grateful so i can continue to tap into that channel of creativity! My ancestors love me, when i walk in a room to sing/ write for myself or ancestors SHOW OFF!