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Beach Bum

When I’m on the beach, I can just look at the water for hours,

dive in and motion with the ocean for hours,

my fingers and toes turn into raisins,

my pizza would need vegan cheese now… but that soothes my starving stomach from hours beach bumming

ice cream melting down my hand, Pop Music playing from every store on the boardwalk,

boats cause the waves to be bigger,

money wet and sandy from running back and forth to the merchants, thighs stuck together as we walk the boardwalk because all my coco butter oil has been washed away… curly hair,

salty mouth (pause)

Siegels stealing your food, lipsticks, cotton candy, or new born baby😂🤣😭 they will take a piece of double mint dead out ya mouth mid chew…

people watching, sunroof down on the ride home or curtains pulled back early morning cause you decided to stay at a beach hotel…. And then you stare out at the never ending Ocean wondering if the earth is flat or Nah!🤣

Did you just take that beach trip with me?? #beach #jersey #summertime #philly

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